My Favorite Prints

I have a slight addiction with ordering and creating new prints to hang up all over my home. I think it is a good thing I don’t have more space and more money to spend on them, because I would own far too many :)

So instead of buying these up, I made a roundup of some of my favorite prints I’ve seen lately to share with DLD readers. These are all a great way to add some fun, positivity, and design into your homes, while supporting independent artists. Hooray!

The Details: (all prints found on Etsy) 1. // 2.// 3.// 4.// 5.// 6.// 7.// 8.//


About camillekathleen

Twenty-one and fun! Student, girlfriend, crafter, baker, vintage collector living in San Diego.
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1 Response to My Favorite Prints

  1. love these, especially the monogram!

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