Vintage Baby Fashion – Miskabelly

Adorable vintage threads for stylish tots are all over Etsy, and I love it! The grandpa style striped cardigan in the top row is so cute it kind of breaks my heart a little. How can you not want a little man and lady when you see baby-fever-inducing clothes for the babes like this? Amazing.

Not only does vintage shopping/thrifting lead to cute, unique finds… but it is eco-friendly too!

All pictured vintage clothes for the kiddos come from this lovely etsy shop, miskabelly.

Can it get any more cute? And what do you think about thrifting for baby clothes (I know a few people that are just entirely against vintage shopping in general, I just don’t get it :) )?

Hope you all have a great, great weekend – See you next week



About camillekathleen

Twenty-one and fun! Student, girlfriend, crafter, baker, vintage collector living in San Diego.
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2 Responses to Vintage Baby Fashion – Miskabelly

  1. Alex says:

    hahaha the top left picture with the fish on it is my favorite! If my niece weren’t freakishly tall, I would get that for her.

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