A Sunny Day with Jose Villa: Amelia

Today’s images need no introduction, as they are taken by the amazingly talented {oh, and nicest guy ever} Jose Villa. I first came across Jose via Style Me Pretty – I don’t remember which shoot it was, but I remember being completely fascinated with the photos – the clean, airy feeling and the way he was able to capture every moment (and those in between, as Jasmine Star says).

I recently reached out to Jose to ask about a feature, not thinking he would respond, and when he responded shortly afterwards, I was slightly shocked but also honored. He seems like a very laid back guy, and his emails were very friendly, making me comfortable to talk with him and I really appreciate that. So today, I am excited to feature a shoot that is near and dear to his heart, an afternoon with his 6-year old niece Amelia, on a warm, sunny day. What a perfect start to our week, wouldn’t you say?

Happiness is…

Thank you again Jose!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Photography: Jose Villa

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6 Responses to A Sunny Day with Jose Villa: Amelia

  1. Erin McGinn says:

    Jose captured the freedom and glow of being 6 years old so well. I feel like when I think back to 6, it looks something like this, warm and golden with open fields and airy expanses. Love it!

  2. floraltheory says:

    Love and sunshine. Adore.
    xoxo yasmin

  3. Jose Villa and sunshine go together, plain and simple. These are such warm and joyful images to have of your little ones – what a great idea to do with your children!

  4. Alicia says:

    This is gorgeous! It is amazing how far family/kid portraits have come since I was a kid posing in front of a fake fireplace background!

  5. Diana says:

    This is so sweet and whats better is that she is his darling little niece! That last photo and the one with the hair in her face are my favorite! Photos of weddings and kids just make me smile! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  6. soooooo stunning – what a lucky little girl!!!!

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