Darling Little Baby Boy: Phillip {Laura Burke Photography}

Could this little guy be any more adorable? The amazingly talented Laura Burke was able to capture every moment with baby Phillip, and he was as sweet as can be. And those eyelashes? I can think of no better way to finish the week than to oogle over this darling little baby boy!

From Paul & Abby, Phillip’s parents:

Phillip’s personality is best described in his eyes. He’s very engaging as he fixates on you. Never a sound, just a long observant look. We’ve lost count of how many neighbors, passerby’s, waiters and receptionists, etc. have been pulled in with this look of his. You then return the favor and fixate on him when the eyes are closed and long eye lashes seem to brush up his chubby cheeks. He loves being around others and is as sweet as you can imagine.

Obviously, there are too many moments thus far to pick a favorite. Our advice for parents to be is to always remember that you’re raising a child and not a resume. Don’t worry about superfluous stuff. Those are for resumes. Rejoice in your mishaps and mistakes as new parents. They are what bring you together as a family when you actually do something right.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend :)

Photography: Laura Burke

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