Darling Nursery Tour & Shopping Guide: Guest Blogger Chandra Huff {Oh Lovely Day}

Today I am so excited to announce our very first guest blogger! Over here in the Details family (can I call the blogs that?), we just love Chandra Huff and her lovely blog, Oh Lovely Day, so we were super excited when she agreed to give us a tour of her new nursery! I’ll hand it on over to Chandra to take it from here :). {all photos are property of Oh Lovely Day}

When I first got pregnant and before I knew if I was having a boy or a girl, my nursery visions were of vintage-style cribs and shabby chic prettiness. I guess I thought I was having a girl! When I found out I was actually having a boy, I had to totally rethink my vision. I decided to go for a fun, playful style, suited for a little boy. But I threw in a few vintage elements too, and I had as much fun researching and planning out the nursery as I did planning my wedding!

I’m not a “themey” person. I didn’t want to do a jungle nursery or a farm animal nursery. I just picked things I liked and thought were fun. I have always loved owls though, and I did gravitate towards them, along with a few other animals that totally don’t go together. Now owls are everywhere! I also wanted to incorporate a lot of personal and handmade things, which were either DIY’d or came from etsy.

I added personal momentos like toys and books that belonged to my husband and I growing up along with baby pictures of us, as well as one of my father who passed away and who my son is named after. My mom and step-father visited us in Calfornia one weekend and helped us paint and put together the baby furniture, and then I took to the decorating. We live in an apartment in Los Angeles, so I had limitations in the space I had to work with, but when I was done I had what I thought was a room that my baby boy would love. After it was done and before he was born, I would just sit in there and rock and picture what it would be like with a baby in it.

Of course, keeping a room looking brand new with a baby is pretty much impossible.  The rocker and rug have been spit up on so many times I’ve lost count (and in the right light you can see traces of it everywhere), the book library has tripled and we’ve run out of room, I’ve gotten lazy at hanging up Charlie’s clothes and his Easter basket is still waiting for a storage home…you get the idea.  I took this picture today with my iPhone to give you an idea of what his room really looks like.

Shopping Guide:
Vintage wallpaper giraffe silhouette: Inke
Crib, changing table, side table, rocker, ottoman, mobile, and rug:  Pottery Barn Kids  (we had a hook-up for a 40% discount!)
White cube storage unit:  IKEA
Giraffe sconce:  Jonathan Adler
Personalized bunting:  etsy seller Giggleberry
Shelves:  home depot
Owl painting, lamp shade:  DIY
Bedding:  Annette Tatum via Polka Dot Peacock
Alphabet hooks:  anthropologie
Owl lamp:  target
Stuffed owls:  Etsy seller aprilfoss
Elephant canvas bin:  Giggle
Keep calm & rock on picture:  etsy seller nuevodesigns
Brown storage boxes:  Giggle

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7 Responses to Darling Nursery Tour & Shopping Guide: Guest Blogger Chandra Huff {Oh Lovely Day}

  1. Shannon says:

    Love it! I’m in the process of working on my nursery for our little girl and we have tons in common. No themes – vintage…I can’t wait!

  2. LOVE! Where do I start? The rug is a perfect rug for a little boy’s room, the adorable little bath time hoodies hanging up make me squeal, the “Keep Calm and Rock On” print is perfect, the owl and giraffe accents (with little Sophie the giraffe!) are darling and you can tell that so much love has gone into making this room a home for a sweet little boy…congrats!

  3. Alicia says:

    So adorable!!! I can not wait to design a nursery! Is it weird to just do that now and avoid the paint fumes and heavy lifting when I am actually pregnant?! :)

  4. Charlie is surely blessed to have such a loving and creative mother.

  5. Thanks Jacin for having me guest post on your darling blog and thanks everyone for your sweet comments! This was fun :)

  6. Diana says:

    okay im jealous of the owls! Can I have this room for myself! ;) So adorable for babies!

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