Darling Newborn: Baby Dante {Maler Photography}

At only 7 days old when the photoshoot took place, baby Dante couldn’t have known what all the fuss was about, at least not yet. From Mike and Marcie Maler, the talented husband and wife photography duo behind Maler Photography: Although he was a sleepy little guy, he seemed to know that something unusual was going on around him. With a little help from a space heater, and a soothing sheep, we were able to make him comfortable and camera ready.

Dante’s adorable little knitted hats were handmade by Itty Bitty Bee Crochet – aren’t they sweet?

I think my vintage rental friends will appreciate the tiny suitcase used in this shot :)

Such a cutie, isn’t he? Congratulations to proud parents Marco and Corey! Thank you Marcie and Mike Maler for sharing these images with us today.

Have a darling shoot you’d like to share? Contact me for more information!

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4 Responses to Darling Newborn: Baby Dante {Maler Photography}

  1. He looks so fragile. Beautiful photos. I love the suitcase ;)

  2. Alicia says:

    I can tell you right now, this site is going to get me in trouble.

  3. WhoWhatLogos says:

    Oh my…those curled up little wrinkles!

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